Who Uses Jetspeed-2?

APPLIED Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese company providing services to develop IT business applications and Web sites, having many customized J1 and J2 based actual results.
BlueSunrise provides services to help companies implement Jetspeed-2 solutions.
CARDINIS Solutions S.p.A. is leader in providing solutions for the governance of innovation and companies, leveraging on enterprise project portofilo management and strategy management. Cardinis Suite, the flagship product of CARDINIS Solutions, is based on international standards and methodologies, and on from-the-field experiences from our consulting activities and a continuous synergy with leading analysts and universities. It deploys technologies that enable communication and information sharing, through a collaborative platform for project, program, portfolio and demand management. To satisfy our clients' requests about capability of accessing critical information about projects and other business initiatives, we decided to adopt Jetspeed2 as the portal reference, providing custom portlets that respond to specific needs.
Chikpeaprovides a self-service portal, where Business can register as a Service Provider to serve their own customers to manage Sales and Services. It allows the Business to represent its own self-service website to capture sales and service requests, as well as provides complete solution to manage those requests.
Convergys uses Jetspeed-2 as a B2B Business Intelligence Portal to expose reports from third party enterprise OLAP engines such as Cognos and MicroStrategy.
GroundWork's open source IT infrastructure monitoring solution delivers enterprise-class availability and performance for a fraction of the cost of commercial alternatives.
Hippo is a Dutch open-source Content Management Software provider developing the Hippo Portal which integrates Hippo CMS with Jetspeed-2.

Hippo Portal will provide a complete Content Repository based Portal Site Management and Delivery solution available under the ASF 2.0 license.
The Jahia 5.0 line of products includes a Corporate Portal Server based on Jetspeed-2. 100% Java based, the full Jahia source code is available under a collaborative and community source license (contribute or pay paradigm).
N2SM provides solutions and services to construct IT business, such as Company Internal Portal and EC site.
OpenXava generates JSR-168 portlets deployables in Jetspeed-2. It also generates all .psml, .ds, page.metadata to deploy an OpenXava application automatically in Jetspeed-2. OpenXava distribution is bundled with Jetspeed-2 installation and its web site is powered by Jetspeed-2.
PortalUis the German Environmental Information Portal! It offers a comfortable and central access to over 1.000.000 web-pages and database entries from public agencies in Germany. We also guide you directly to up-to-date environmental news, upcoming and past environmental events, environmental monitoring data, and interesting background information on many environmental topics.
R.O.S.A. Creation. Technology. Intelligence. AG deploys collaborative portals using Jetspeed-2 and provides services in portal development.
UGS provides portals for its global sales partners using Jetspeed 2.
The german company wemove digital solutions creates portal solutions for various customers. The current project "PortalU" uses Jetspeed2 to provide an interface to a powerful search-engine for enviromental data.
WfMOpenIn its 1.4 version, WfMOpen provides resource management for the workflow engines (BPE) and uses Jetspeed-2 as a container for the engine's administrative portlets.