How to Help?

Simple Things I Can Do to Help

There are many ways to help with Jetspeed-2 as with most open source projects:

  • Subscribe to the user mailing list and help answer questions from the community. In open source a thriving community makes the project successful. Don't be shy to ask basic questions, we have all been there.
  • Report bugs and issues that you encounter in Jetspeed-2 bug tracking system. Prior to reporting a bug, make sure to discuss the issue on the user mailing list or even the developer mailing list.
  • When you encounter an issue, you may be compelled to fix it. We encourage this as this makes for a vibrant community. Once you have a fix, submit a patch on the reporting issue.

Why Should I Get Involved?

There are many reasons why you want to help, just a few strong points:

  • If you help others solve there issues, they will most likely help you when you run into some problems.
  • By contributing patches, you can influence the prioritization of functionality and get your changes incorporated.
  • By reporting issues, you help Jetspeed-2 become a stronger project and improve its quality overall.
  • You will meet and get to know great people as well as share and learn best practices which will help you on your project.
We are looking forward to have you part of our community!

How do I Join the Project?

Projects at Apache operate under a meritocracy. To become a committer, you first need to demonstrate your committment. The best way to do so is to start contributing patch, participate in the community and make your interest known. It takes time and willingness to help and contribute! This may seem a bit intimidating at first, but the community will always help people who show interest and committment.

Here are some useful links for other resources for help.