Download Jetspeed-2 Distribution

Jetspeed-2 is distributed in several formats for your convenience and distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0 .

Jetspeed-2.1.2 Installer Distribution

Jetspeed-2 Standard with only the required Administrative Portletsjetspeed-2.1.2-installer.jarherehere
Jetspeed-2 Demo With lots of demo Portlets: RSS, JSF, JPetstore and many moreJetspeed-2.1.2-demo-installer.jarherehere

Both the installers support the following databases for Jetspeed: Derby (default), DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SapDB, as well as manual (do it yourself) configuration of other databases.

Furthermore, through a provided Ant script after installation, reinitializing or switching to another database is a simple one step operation.

Complete instructions for getting started using the installer is available here.

Jetspeed-2.1.2 Source Distribution


System Requirements

The list of systems requirements for Jetspeed-2 is available here.

Migrating Guide

Important information for migrating existing Jetspeed-2.0 and Jetspeed-2.1 installations to Jetspeed-2.1.2 is provided in the migration guide.