Documentation Process Overview

Documentation is critical to make Jetspeed's adoption as smooth as possible. Jetspeed documentation process can be found on Jetspeed's Wiki. Please submit documentation patches, or contribute to the Wiki.

Generating full Site Documentation

To generate the full site documentation for Jetspeed run the following maven command:

maven allSite

Note: make sure Jetspeed builds without problems as this goal will take quite some time.

To speed up this goal, I recommend running it without an internet connection (link checks can take very long) and with (or use -o on the commandline).

Generating PDF Documentation

Installing Maven PDF Plugin

If you are using Maven 1.0 or above, to automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download -DgroupId=maven -DartifactId=maven-pdf-plugin

Once, the plugin is install copy xalan.jar to the ${MAVEN_HOME}/lib/endorsed. When build Jetspeed, Xalan is download as a dependency. You can copy the Jetspeed version of Xalan from ${REPO_HOME}/xalan/jars .

More information on the PDF plugin can be found on the Maven PDF plugin site .

Generating the PDF documentation

To create the PDF documentation for a specific component, go to the component root directory and run:

maven pdf

Updating the website

Once you generated a new version of the site documentation, you can bring it online as follows:

  • (tar.g)zip the contents of ${JETSPEED_2_HOME}/target/docs
  • upload the resulting archive on
  • extract the archive in /www/

More information can be found at: Committers' FAQ

Note: the above link points at information assuming the site itself is under svn. For Jetspeed-2 this isn't (yet) the case.