Jetspeed For Developers

When developing with Jetspeed, you may be creating portlet applications, or building and creating extensions to the Jetspeed portal. If you ar going to be creating portlet applications, check out this fine e-book for an overall guide to writing portlets:

Here are a few links to get you started developing with the Jetspeed portal itself:

Custom Building with Maven Plugins

Jetspeed 2.1 can be built with either Maven-1 or Maven-2. You can actually build your own portal without the Jetspeed source. You will want to customize your Jetspeed build, overriding the skins and themes, adding your own portlet applications and perhaps overriding key components of the portal. To do so, we provide two custom build frameworks: one with Maven-1, the second with Maven-2. With the custom build, you can easily build and create your own Jetspeed powered portal without ever building Jetspeed itself. Many developers still prefer Maven-1. If you are new to Maven, then maybe its best to go with the new version (2).

Jetspeed is built from the command line with Maven. However, you can still develop, compile, debug, remote debug, all from within Eclipse. Eclipse is a good tool for developing portlet applications as well as Jetspeed extensions.

To get the binary installation of an official Jetspeed release, go here:

You can checkout from the SVN HEAD from here:

Get your Javadocs here: